May Bank Holiday.. and the days before.

Let’s see, what exciting things have I been doing?

Well, for a start, after nattering with the group of 3rd year undergrads I’ve got to know quite well at happy hour on Friday, I got invited to a slap up meal with them at one of their rooms. It was just like being a student again! 🙂

I finally got home at about 1am and went to bed. I could have done with an early night on Friday as i’d stayed up a bit late the night before getting my PC up and running again after it’s regrade to XP.

Saturday morning came and went. Let’s say that Saturday was a bit of a blur due to sleep deprivation. I did manage to get the main shopping done, however. Actually, that’s about all I got done other than watch the grand prix qualifying.

Yesterday, I managed to get the meadow in the back garden mown, lots of washing done and watch the grand prix, despite having the worst sinus headache I’ve had in a long while.

Today, I’ve managed to get out to do the supplimentry shopping. Brake blocks for the bike from Halfords and various items from B&Q to flush out the radiators next weekend when my parents come up country to visit. I’ve now replaced the brake blocks.

I’ve discovered that I have ants which have infested part of the house wall and that how they’ve managed to do this is to burrow into the very poor mortar. It looks like a lot of the mortar holding my house together is very poorly made and is crumbling badly.. and my house is less than 7 years old! Methinks I might have to get a report done and try to get the NHBC to fix it. Somehow I don’t think I’ll have much luck with that and will just have to get it repointed myself.

Anyway, I shall sign off for tonight, fix some food and get ready for work again in the morning.

Oh, what the heck! It’s purity test time.

Your Ultimate Purity Score Is…
Category Your Score Average
Self-Lovin’ 81.7%
Never taken out of the packaging
Shamelessness 100% 73.5%
Sex Drive 100% 70.7%
Straightness 67.9%
Felt someone up once
Gayness 100% 74.3%
Fucking Sick 100% 84.5%
You are 91.3% pure
Average Score: 65.2%

Hmm.. not much change there then.