Oh, and I forgot….

Thurday evening part of one of the fillings the dentist did the last time I went to see him broke off and fell out.

Saturday evening, the bit of tooth which was left on the outside of the tooth broke off from the same tooth.

Time to make a dental appointment, I guess.

A draining weekend?

My parents arrived. They had had an eventful journey up from Cornwall as
they got stuck in a traffic jam followed by the temperature sensor on the
car radiator failing, causing the engine to overheat. The AA bloke lashed
a horrid mess of wiring (damaging the car’s wiring in the process) to get
the fan working again.

Friday: Work. Nothing interesting happened really.

Saturday: This was the beginning of the fun with the central heating system.
The system has been getting worse and worse reacently, generating a lot of
gas which needed to be bled from the radiators on a weekly basis, so it needed
clearing out.

So, Saturday morning my dad and myself set about draining the system and
refilling it with the nasty chemical used to flush the whole lot out. There
were hose pipes everywhere! After finally managing to get the water back
in and most of the air locks out we went to do the weekly shop. The evening
was spent trying to watch the latest Harry Potter film on DVD. I say trying
to as I got an absolute blinder of a sinus headache and just had to go to

Sunday: Well, most of Sunday was spent draining, refilling and running the
heating system. After the first drain to get rid of the flushing agent, the
system had to be refilled with the anti-flushing agent agent followed by
the system run on full heat for 2 hours. Once this was done, it was a further
three flushes with clean water so as to get rid of the anti-flcuhing agent
agent and anythiong else nasty before refilling ans adding inhibitor solution.
This took all day!

Monday: Well, this morning my parents went back home. Or at least I hope
they’ve managed to. When my dad plugged in the radiator fan to start it before
travelling home, it didn’t work. A quick test with my multimeter showed that
there was power getting to the fan, so the fan’s kaput! They decided to leave
their departure until slightly later in the day so as to try to avoid being
stopped at any traffic jams and hence having the engine overheat.