Work fun?

First of all, my parents got home OK on Monday despite a few close calls with a potentially overheating engine. The local garage fixed up the car the next day.

Not a great deal has happened since Monday morning otherwise other than “fun” when one of the 4th year undergrads pulled the wrong plug in one of the computer labs which switched off a server which then proceeded to have a disk failure. Of course, this disk was the one which held all the 4th year’s projects and most of the stuff used by the postgrads too. This person is not the most loved person at this moment.

So, today’s been a case of finding space somewhere else for the data and then initiating the restore of the back-up from the computing services’ central back-up system. It’s a pitty that the aggrigate transfer rate from this is about 200K per second, so it’s going to take a couple of days to get the 30GB back!

The other highlight of the day was feeding ducks with mouldy bread with Kat, Rachel and her boyfriend, Alex at lunchtime.

Oh, and I’ve made an appointment with the dentist to see him at 9:30am on Friday.