fun night out.

Last night was fun.

Good food (Thai, Bankok House), good company. What more can you ask for?

Jenn and Paul’s birthday bash was all that any night out should be.. a very pleasant social occasion. The number of people was really the top limit for such an event, 11, as any more and the party fragments into groups. All but three of the people were from the Earth Sciences department. Of those I really only got to talk to one of them, Paul’s cousin who works as a physiotherapist in a local hospital and has just found out that she’s got the higher paid “senior” position there.. a very nice lass.

After taking Paul and Jenn home, I finally arrived home just after midnight and went straight to bed. It’s a pitty I couldn’t sleep. I never can sleep well with a full stomach, so sort of tossed and turned all night leaving be a bit on the tired side today.

It’s just nice to be sociable, you know? 🙂