The comments I got from my previous post via Bullet (‘cos only Alec seems to comment on here) were of the form “Don’t expect people to read your cooking tips when you have things about mucus in the same post.” Well, I would agree.. if the mucus stuff was explicit.. oh well.

Anyway, yesterday was reasonably fun, doing some shopping, getting another jumper, finding that “The Fifth Element” was in a “buy 2 for £25” DVD sale in HMV.. The only problem being that I had to find another film I actually wanted. I chose “X-Men” as it was the least horrid on offer.

After lunch I zoomed off to the UCI High Wycombe cinema multiplex to see Monsters Inc. though I think I missed the starting credits. Still, that was fun.

The evening was spent watching the two DVDs.

Today, I got up what was early for me, 10am, and managed to get the washing done and the car washed before lunch and hence the Grand Prix on the telly.