That monday feeling.

Hmm.. what have I been up to during the last week?

Not much in the actual week, as such, other than popping in on a couple of Friends in Wheatley to give them a video tape and to cheer Jenn up ‘cos she has the gastric flu thingy going around.

Saturday was fun. After the normal weekly shopping in the morning (where somehow I spent 10 quid more than usual.. about 30 quid) I popped into London and met up with Alec etc. for the By the Gods meeting thingy. We joined up in Charring Cross Police Station then went of for a meal in an Italian place in Covent Garden. I had a lasagne, salad with apple crumble and custard (I know, not ver Italian) for afters. We then popped off to a little cafe near Charring X nick where Maureen and her police pals often drop in for coffee. T’was then time to pile into Maureen’s RAV4 to travel back down to Page’s Bar in Westminster.

The evening in Page’s Bar was spent, as usual, with much nattering and otehr fun things, but unfortunately, I got a sinus headache so had to leave a bit earlier than usual, at about 10:20.. still, it meant I got home at midnight. I did discover some useful information.. The episode of “Alias” Sky show on Saturday IS NOT a repeat of the one on Wednesday, which means I’ve been missing half the episodes!

Sunday was spent with a bit of a dodgy tummy.. I think the lasagne was fighting back as they’d only microwaved the thing rather than having it freshly nuked from the oven. I felt just blurgh all day, so didn’t do anything much at all.