Blurgh! Blurgh! Thrice Blurgh!

Let’s see..

I’ve got an awful cold.

I drove part of the way into work this morning ‘cos of the cold and parked in a part of Oxford called Marston, just across the marshes from the University, about 15-20 minutes’ walk. (It’s never a good idea to exercise if you have a virus ‘cos the increased body metabolism just helps make more virus.)

Work wasn’t much fun with a cold, and I’ve got to go in tomorrow.

I got back to my car this evening to find some b’stard had keyed the rear passenger, driver’s side door. Thankfully it’s not dented. A friend who suggested parking in that area has done so for the last 3-4 weeks without problem. Maybe it’s ‘cos his car’s a G-reg Peugeot 405 without a Uni parking permit and mine’s an X-reg Saab 9-3 with an out of hours permit in the window.

The scratch MAY be fixed with touch-up, but I doubt it somehow, so it’ll need a half-panel respray, probably.