Well, it was the last full day down here in Cornwall for this visit.

The weather’s been mixed. This morning it was quite fine and mostly sunny, though the wind made it too cold to stay too long outside. However, it soon clouded over and by mid to late afternoon it was wet.

The iffy weather and the lack of anything else to do gave the opportunity to continue with Deus Ex. In fact it gave me the opportunity to actually finish it! I worked out that it took me 48 hours of continuous play to do so.

This evening I packed all the technical stuff into the bag and got everything ready for the morning. Well, all except the bag for my clothed with I’ll pack in the morning. It’s likely to take no more than about 10 minutes anyway.

The plan for tomorrow is to leave at around 10am and travel in convoy up to Sedgemoor services and have lunch. Afterwards I’ll go off a little ahead so as to have some time to clear my spare bedroom and unpack the car before my parents arrive.

Today I visited Meriel and Chris over at Carleen.

When I started the car to go over there my suspicions about the turbo going bad which I’ve had for a while were unfortunately proved correct. A plume of blue smoke was blown out of the exhaust and the engine ran roughly for about 30 seconds after starting as the oil which had seeped into the turbo got blown out. It looks like another big bill is on the way. This will be the second replacement turbo since the car was new. The previous one was fitted precisely two years ago, when the car was 18 months old. I think I kight have to budget for a new turbo every other Easter. (I’m guessing that a combination of winter and the pattern of driving I do is showing up some sort of design flaw.)

As for the visit to Meriel and Chris went, it was a good long chatting session. Meriel’s dad was visiting them and so I tried to keep the tech talk down to minimal levels.

With thw end of today that effectively ends my Easter break as it’s the last work day off.

Today has been blighted by a sinus headache which started last night. I ran out of paracetamol when I took the last one, a half dose, last night before I went to bed which wasn’t enough to get rid of the headache. Hence, I had a rather fitful and not very restful sleep.

This, plus the continuation of the headache or the other effects of the swollen sinuses made the day a bit of a wash out. The weather also didn’t help as that was a wash out as well.

What I did do, however, was to do a bit of shopping including buying more paracetamol.

Also, this evening I rummaged through a drawn containing a whole lot of stuff which has been in that draw since about 1985 looking for my geological map of the Lizard peninsula. Instead of finding that map I found a few others, loads of photos and, more importantly, my old (expired) passport. This should make the process of getting a new one a whole lot less problematic. I hope the passport office allow me to keep the old one as it was one of the last of the classic blue-black ones.

After a pretty uneventful morning we went out to Kennack Sands. Initially all three of us went for a walk along the beach but my mum decided that the paths were too much for her, so she returned to the car.

This left my dad and myslef to walk over the hill separating the two coves and then on to the cliffs at the far end which looked to me rather like the contact between the pyroxinite and the serpentinite (peridotite altered by hydration reactions) but it just turned out to be more highly weathered pyroxinite.

While I was looking at the outcrop and explaining the stuff to my dad a bloke came over and said that it sounded as if I knew a bit about this sort of stuff. I told him that I had a degree in geology and a conversation insued. It turned out that he was a math teacher from the west midlands.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, after the conversation we walked back to the car park via a circuitous route.

After tea, again there was nothing on telly so it was back to Deus Ex. I was wrong yesterday about being near the end. However, tonight I’ve got to the point where I have to battle Walton Simons, a similarly enhanced person. This seems like the beginning of the end game.