RML 380Z has left the building.

After work today I cycled quickly home to get the 380Z ready for collection by Nick Ryman-Tubb later in the evening.

Anyway, I decided to have one more go at getting the old machine to boot so thought about swapping the A and B floppy drives over. Anyway, after much wrestling with the hardware I managed to remove the drives, reconfigure them and put them back into the machine.. not without having 4 screws left over due to not being able to get them in, however.

So, I switched the machine on, put the CP/M disk in the new drive A and hit the B key to start the boot process… The drive springs to life and CP/M loads… yippee! Not only this but when I put a second floppy into the B drive that works as well. I’ve no idea what caused the pop and crackle the other day.

Nick arrived at about twenty past seven and left with the machine just after nine. Now I’m just relaxing watching Battlestar Galactica.

Forced metrication

Well, after Googling, and doing as much research as I can, reading manuals from cover to cover, there seems to be no way at all to force my new car’s sat nav system to use miles. I’m being forced to use metric distance measures even though the main computer knows that I want to use imperial measurements.

It’s not as if the sat-nav system was originally designed for SAAB. It was developed for the new Cadillac (which is in turn based upon the SAAB 9-3) and “back-ported” to the 9-3 so you would have thought that the default measurement system would be Imperial, for the American market. Indeed, there is one place in the manual where the global search and replace missed a reference to “the Cadillac navigation system.”

Oh well. It seems that I’m going to have to judge distance the continental way and mentally replace “metres” with “yards” when the digitised woman gives distances to the junctions.