This morning my new bookcases arrived, so as well as doing some work I had a whole load of fun removing all the stuff from the old bookcases, pulling all my HiFi stuff and video stuff apart, transporting three big boxes of suff up-stairs (along with the two bookcases) before doing some flat-pack-orama. Oh yes.

Well, now I have all the furnature back in place and the HiFi and video stuff set-up. I’ve also got the PC back in operation (ready for the bi-weekly Skype with my Dad tomorrow). What I haven’t done in find space for the DVDs, games, books and other junk from upstairs. The bookcases came with far too few shelves. As it is, to get the HiFi into the smaller of the bookcases I’ve had to borrow one of the ones from the tall one and I still could do with at least another shelf in that smaller bookcase and another 2-3 in the tall one. Hmmm.

Still, all I need to do to add shelves is:
    Get some beech veneered MDF which is 30cm wide.
    Cut said MDF plank into the correct lengths.
    Find some steel rod of the correct thinkness for the support holes and cut to length.
    Install new shelves.

Hmm… Tricky!