New toy alert!

I’ve just bought myself the basis of a new separates HiFi system, namely an AV Receiver and a set of speakers. (Yamaha RX-V1700 + Wharfedale Evo-2 speakers (2x Evo-2 20’s, 2x Evo-2 8’s and an Evo-2 centre) + Yamaha YDS-10 iPod dock)

The whole lot arrived, as requested, lunchtime on Saturday and, after going down to Maplin’s to get the high quality speaker cable and banana plugs, had the system up and running by 4pm, except for the new front speakers. (The new front speakers are floor standing and this will mean a major re-organisation of the living room to fit them in.)

Even with my old front speakers the system sounds a great deal better than my old Technics EH750 system, especially with surround sound as the Technics only had small speakers for the centre and surround speakers.

I’ve set up the system with my Cambridge Audio DVD as a CD player for the time being connected via an optical cable. I will need to get a tape desk to play my old tapes at some point.