Well, yesterday I managed to finally do the last of the furnature re-arranging in my living room.

I’ve moved out the cabinet my Dad made which had the TV upon it and replace it with the TV’s original stand (which allows the centre speaker to be put in its rightful position). I originally had thought that I’d need help from someone else to do the job as the TV is so darned heavy but managed to slide it from one thing to the other in the end.

I did try to find some 2mm steel rod and some wood to make extra shelves in the bookshelves in various DIY places yesterday but unfortunately failed misserably so I may have to look further, at least for the rod.

Oh, and on the car front. I popped into Oxford SAAB but “my” saleman wasn’t in work yesterday. I’ve sort of passed the quandry back to them in a way by saying that I was interested in the pre-registered vehicle (hence they’re leaving the offer open for me for a while longer) but that if they could do a deal on a slightly lower model but special edition new vehicle (which has lots of toys as standard but not quite as powerful an engine) so that the price was close to the pre-registered car we could probably do a deal. (The dealership will get more browny points for selling a new car than selling a pre-registered one so I have more leverage there.)