Five years ago today…

I was down in Cornwall and four of my colleagues were visiting, the reason.. The total eclipse of the sun.

Yes, I did actually get to see it as the clouds thinned just after totallity began and closed over again just before it ended.

It doesn’t seem like five years ago.. anyway, what were you doing then?

PS. It’s clouded over tonight, so no chance to see the predicted first burst of meteorites tonight.

Weekend ending.

It’s about half five on Sunday afternoon, so a quick round-up of the weekend…

On Friday I outlined my “plan” and I’m pleased to say that of all the tasks on the list I’ve done all but wash the car, but that’s not highly important at the moment.

It was this afternoon I managed to see Spiderman 2. Excellent film. It’s very much set up for the third film. 🙂

Yesterday’s BBQ was fun, the weather was purfect. That’s all that needs to be said, really.

It’s Friday afternoon

And I’m bored.

This weekend’s highlights.. getting my hair cut, going to a BBQ tomorrow afternoon and possibly getting around to seeing Spiderman 2 at the cinema if I can work it into my schedule. I would also like to be able to cut the grass and possibly wash the car, in that order of importance. Actually, cutting the grass is very much needed, especially in the front garden.

This afternoon I sent out an e-mail to all the postgrads suggesting a visit to the local speciallist ice cream café instead of the normal coffee/tea break. guess what.. that’s right no-one wanted to. The boring lot! It’s no-where as much fun going by yourself, so I didn’t bother in the end.

I’d better stop whittering on.


It’s just too hot, muggy, cloudy and horrid today.

If only it could be either hot and sunny or cool and cloudy, at least then you could dress appropriately or be cheered up by the sunshine.