For a while now I’ve been getting more and more frustrated by the deficiencies of my Fuji FinePix 602 Zoom, namely a large “shutter” lag and very poor performance in low light (low shutter speeds). Today I did something about it, I bought a replacement camera.

I had been looking around at the market and had pretty well decided upon the Canon EOS-300D as it was relatively cheap for a Digital SLR. Before I took the jump, however, I took a look at the Digital Photography Review web page to see if there were any new kids on the block.

It’s a good thing I did, there on the ratings page, the new Nikon D70 was higher up the listings (both near the top, mind). So, I took a look at the review and my mind was instantly made up, this was the camera for me. Although it was more expensive than the EOS-300D lack of firmware “crippling” of the device for marketting reasons and the overall recommendation at the end of the review made up my mind.

Anyway, I took a walk down to Morris Photographic on the High Street after looking up their web site to get their prices (among the best on the high street but no-where near as low as the net price). I was looking to try to trade in my Fuji and then see if the camera body + alternative lens would be better for me than the kit version. Well, firstly, due to software licensing issues they can’t resell digital cameras, full stop, hence no trade in. Secondly, I could order a body or a kit version but it would be a 4 week wait as that’s the length of the waiting list for these cameras. Then, the shop assistant had a thought and told me that there was a chance that I could buy one today as an order which had been arranged for collection the previous day had not been picked up and hence should be available for resale under their terms and conditions (remind me never to order kit from them).

To make a long story short(er), the camera was available, I bought it along with a new camera bag, as the old one is too small for the new camera, and a skylight lens to protect the lens when in use.

I now have no excuses if I have duff pictures now (other than possibly the cheap lens :-)).