Hmm.. tricky.

I got a phone call from Lindsey at about 1:50am this morning. It woke me up with a bit of a start. Anyway, after saying that she’d just called up to say good-night also informed me that her friend Steve Howe had told her that his daughter had developed a crush on my at Cropredy.

I was a bit worried that this might happen as she’s at the age where she’s just beginning to get those sorts of feelings and doesn’t know how to handle them.

Anyway, I’m going to be treading very carefully from now on. I’ve asked Lindsey (via e-mail) if she can supply me with Steve Howe’s and preferably his ex-wife’s e-mail addresses so that I can talk to them, send copies of the three e-mails Leila’s sent me along with my replies and generally ask what they’d like me to do about the situation.

I don’t want to encourage her in her dillusion of love but I don’t want her to be hurt either and I want her parents to be totally in the loop as well. I’m not going to reply to her latest e-mail until I can get in touch with her parents and get their thoughts and permission. My idea is to propose to her that she be my honourary little sister in the same way that Lindsey is. Hopefully this will instill the idea that I don’t love her in the way she thinks she loves me but not make her feel hurt.

If this fails to persuade her then I can alway use the example of her next door neighbour, ex-friend who she complains about becoming a problem as he’s become infatuated with her and she’s not interested. Hopefully that will allow her to use her interllect to control her feelings. The last resort would be to break off all communication. Whatever, I won’t do anything without the OK from her parents.

As I said, a tricky situation.