It looks like my Mum might be going potty.

I got a phone call this evening from my parents confirming that they were arriving tomorrow. However, my Mum was insistant that we had a wedding to go to somewhere in Berkshire on Saturday involving the youngest daughter of an american airman she’d met in 1948 and who had visited them last Friday and stayed overnight. This was news to me and news to my Dad as well, he couldn’t remember anyone visiting, let alone staying overnight on Friday and there had been no mention of this during the other phone calls we’ve had since the weekend. It seems that my Mum had suddenly come up with this false memory sometime this afternoon.

She’s been behaving increasingly oddly since my Nan, who’s going very potty herself, rang up and let loose a rant at my Mum just over a year ago. This caused a massive rift between her and her Mum. Add to this the death of her brother at Easter and a bought of shingles on her face which has prevented her from doing her favourite activity of reading and you see that she’s been under a bit of mental stress and has seemed to bottle it up and not want to talk about it.

My Dad phoned back later and discussed this with me and our idea is to try to talk to my Mum’s GP about her odd behaviour and see if he can help her. I’m wondering if it might be depression which has turned into some sort of psychosis.. but I have little knowledge of this sort of mental illness so I’m just clutching at straws.

I’m mainly writing this entry to put my thoughts out of my head so that they don’t go around and around and cause me problems. Now I’ve written it I feel a lot better. I can now just take things as they come , see what happens and roll with the punches.