Now, what can I talk about?

There’s not a great deal happening in my life at the moment. That, in of itself, is not necessarily a bad thing, merely a little dull.

I wish the weather would decide what it’s doing. Although it’s still warm enough to go without a jumper, the rest of the outlook looks more like February than the end of April. It’s very windy. So much so that during my cycle home I was having to lean sideways at about 10 degrees to keep from being blown over. I hate wind when cycling.

On other matters, I see that X-Men 2 comes out on Thursday and The Matrix Reloaded is out in about a month’s time. Also, the latest Harry Potter film’s out on DVD, so I can go and rent it and catch up with the saga. I think I’ll do that at the weekend.

Talking of sagas, I see that The Dragons Friendly Society have managed to get all the Noggin the Nog sagas onto video. They’re apparently planning a DVD release but it will require them to renovate the original film stock which has sat in rusting cans held in a chicken coop for the last 30 years. I’m not sure I can hold my breath for those. I may just look into buying the videos.