Oh well.

Tuesday morning comes.

It may be sunny but it’s a bit chilly.

I’ve just discovered two things:

Firstly, Friday the department will be officially closed. This doesn’t mean
a great deal to me. I’m going to be in here anyway saving one holiday day
for another time.

Secondly, the new drinks machine won’t be installed until Thursday now (it
was due yesterday) which means I have another couple of days of being without
the help of machine coffee in the morning. Admittedly, I only use this in
emergencies to get my brain jump started, but it’s an important stand-by.

Life around the department at the moment is totally dead. There’s hardly
anyone around at all and no-one I can really have a conversation with. It’s
getting to me a little but I’m fighting the feelings of isolation and this
mornign I’m not feeling too bad about it. Definitely better than I was feeling
yesterday afternoon.