OK, what fun things have I done?

Well, I went to see a film last night, “The Life of David Gale.”

It’s not a bad film. It definitely didn’t drag. In many ways, the style reminded
me of Erin Brokovich. There were one or two places where the story seemed
a little contrived though I’m not sure for what reason. The main one being
that the hire car had a faulty cooling system causing the end (and the beginning)
of the film to be a little over dramatic. Oh, and why did Kate Winslet’s
character bother to watch all the video in that bloke’s house when she was
on such a tight schedule? Surely in that situation you’d find the right video
cassette from watching a couple of seconds, eject it and run?

Anyway, these are minor quibbles. Even the sexual scenes were done with taste
and very little actual nudity or explicit flesh of any kind. On the whole
I’d give it an 8 out of 10 score as the story was mostly transparent so you
could guess what was going to happen at the end mostly by the time you got
half way through the film.

Now, I’ve no plans for the rest of the week. I’ll probably watch Buffy &
Angel tonight. I doubt I’ll turn up to Happy Hour in the department tomorrow
evening as none of the people i talk to will be here. The weekend will be
taken up with chores which need to be done before I go down to my parents’
place in Cornwall for Easter such as getting my hair cut, washing the car,
getting and fitting a security timer light switch for the living room. That
sort of stuff. Oh, and I may give the rear moss^H^H^H^Hlawn the first cut
of the year.