The wonder of boredom…

A – Act your age? It depends upon whether you take chronological age or mental age. You’re only as old as the *add member of opposite sex* you feel. In this case I’m therefore of indeterminate age.
B – Born on what day of the week? Well, cal(1) tells me it was a Saturday.
C – Chore you hate? I think washing up is amongst the worst.
D – Dad’s name? Raymond
E – Essential makeup item? None at all.
F – Favorite actor? Matthew Broderick, if only for Ferris Bueller and WarGames.
G – Gold or silver? Gold, it’s the most ductile metal, is great as shielding against ionising radiation and is a wonderful conductor. Oh, and some people think it looks nice.
H – Hometown? The closest town to where I lived when I grew up was Ampthill. The village was Houghton Conquest, Bedfordshire, England, UK, Europe, Sol3, Western Spiral Arm, Home galaxy, Andromeda group. That should tie it down.
I – Instruments you play? I got up to grade 1 classical guitar when I was 11.
J – Job title? IT Systems Administrator
K – Kids? None, I don’t breed goats.
L – Living arrangements? Alone with many old computers to support.
M – Mum’s name? Patricia
N – Number of people you’ve slept with? It depends upon whether you mean slept next to or had sex with. If the former, a couple. If the later, it’s something that happens to other people and not to me. Sex is as much a myth to me as storks bringing babies with only slightly more evidence (storks don’t live in Britian).
O – Overnight hospital stays? When I was 6 I stayed over with concussion for observation.
P – Phobia? I’ve no fears I could classify as a phobia as such.
Q – Quote you like? Well, it’s not a real person, more a character’s words… “It’s too late for the pebbles to vote. The avalanche has already started.” Kosh.
R – Religious affiliation? I’m not affiliated with any religion. You could call me a humanist, or an agnostic, or an atheist. Then again you could call me a duck or a dolphin, it has as much meaning to me.
S – Siblings? None at all. (Which, funnily enough, is the amount of damage a bulldozer would suffer if it ran right over a person.)
T – Time you wake up? Weekdays, 7:28am. Weekends, as late as possible.
U – Unique habit? None. I don’t wear habits and I’m not unique.
V – Vegitable you refuse to eat? It’s not a vegitable but a fruit.. Gooseberries.
W – Worst habit? Procrastination, when I can get around to it.
X – X-rays you’ve had? Chest, teeth, hand. I think that’s it.
Y – Yummy food you make? Well, I do a decent banana and walnut loaf. Give me the algorithm, sorry, recipe and the components, sorry, ingredients, and I’ll fabricate the desired gastronomic item.
Z – Zodiac sign? Aquarius. The age of which dawned and then faded away.