Friday again.

Well, it’s Friday again, at last!

The week’s been ok, nothing special’s happened other than I’ve got wet cycling home a couple of times (it started raining at half distance so I couldn’t prepare) and this morning I had fun in my part of the city where they hadn’t gritted the roads or pavements. Let’s say that it was difficult to stand up due to the ice and even the slightest incline would generate an uncontrollable slide down it. Hence, for the first quarter of my journey I pushed the bike and gingerly walked. It was quite fun watching a dustcart trying to take a turning at 2mph and almost piroetting.

As for the weekend, I think I shall go into Witney tomorrow and get my hair cut. Other than that, I have no plans whatsoever so i’ll probably get very bored. Still, I could look into writing a directory search for our new departmental web site my colleague has been working on or continue with my user-friendly, advanced “vacation” program replacement.

We’ll see. Social life will have to wait ’til next weekend when it’s the By the Gods meeting in London. I’m not sure you could really say I had a social life and I definitely don’t have either a love or a sex life.. but at least it’s not complicated and sordid.