New toy!

I bought myself a new toy over the weekend using my Christmas money.. a nice DVD player.

It’s fully multi-region, plays not only DVD’s but CD’s, VCD’s and MP3’s too.. oh and it has a Dolby Digital &trade 5.1 decoder too.. all for £120! It’s and Acoustic Solutions DVD 551.. no, I’ve not heard of the manufacturer either. They do have a web site though. (Warning, it’s Flash only.. silly people.)

Anyway, it means that I now have a nice home entertainment system with big widescreen telly, hi-fi with Dolby Surround decoder, SVHS video recorder, Sky digital receiver and now a DVD player with the 5.1 output going into the HiFi’s 5.1 input.

I’m a happy bunny.. all I need to do know is save up for some DVDs! 🙂