Well, I’m back..

I’ll not go through all the little details of my Christmas break on here as so many others have done. I’ll merely do a quick summary, after all you have more important things to do that read lots of drivel.

The last fortnight has been spent resting and generally not doing a great deal, stuffing myself with too much food down at my parents’ place down in Cornwall. T’was most pleasant.

Before that, on the Thursday night before Christmas was the Department’s Christmas Party which took place in the basement of a bar in Oxford. Great fun was had by all and I was even persuaded to dance!

The Friday was rather a daze due to the lack of sleep from the previous two days (trip to Reading to see Lord of the Rings on the Wednesday evening etc.). I was going to phone Lindsey up to wish her the seasons’ greetings but was so shattered after getting home from work I went almost straight to bed and slept right through to Saturday morning, when it was time to drive down to Cornwall.