First day back at work.

Last night, having for some unknown reason not been able to get to sleep ’til 4:30am and then waking up at 07:07 and not being able to get back to sleep and then having to drive from Cornwall back to Oxford I was just a tad knackered. Hence, just after Time Team finished I went to bed.

That long sleep seems to have done the business as I was awake and fully functional at the 07:30 get-up time this morning.. which was a good couple of hours before I’d even think about waking up during the holiday.

It’s amazing how unfit you can get in just 2 weeks. Not only have I had to use one belt notch up from the one I used before but my legs ached hugely after the cycle to work and I was very much out of breath, and I wasn’t even going very quickly either. I’m guessing it’s going to take at least a month before I’m back to the same level of fitness as I was a fortnight ago. Never mind.

After much helpful debugging help from the Bullet crowd, the alpha-test version of the ‘vacation’ replacement program I wrote over the holiday seems to be functioning well. I’m using my own account as a testbed.. so far it’s not replied to any mailinglist.. YET! 🙂

Anyway, time for tea!