Wet Bank Holiday

Well, I think the title sums up the weather we had this weekend. Or rather it under estimates the degree of sogginess and down right torrential rain we had for the whole three days. Admittedly, by Monday afternoon the rain had eased to the point where you could probably stand outside in wet weather gear and not get drenched.

So, this was the backdrop for my parents’ visit. It would have been a whole lot better if the weather would have been nice as we would have been at least able to get out into the back garden and possibly gone for a drive somewhere. However, seeing the current mental and now physical state (due to inactivity) my Mum’s in we wouldn’t have been able to have done much more than that.

The time up with me was a good holiday for my Dad, however. He really enjoyed having someone to talk to and be normal with, it was a great holiday from the mundane he has at home. I’ve now just got the clearing up to do after the visit. 🙂

I’ve not really done anything else recently other than work and the only social occasions on the horizon are the pub quiz on Thursday and going up to visit Lindsey and Andrew the weekend after next for Lindsey’s birthday do.

As for work, I’ve finally got the new firewall in place. It only took Cisco about 8 months to fix the bug in their ASA code so that the traffic inspector no-longer mistook ssh traffic as being some sort of instant messanging protocol. It’s amazing that ssh worked at all! The next job is to get VPN set up and running.