What have I been up to?

An O.K. weekend. Saturday was mostly taken up with a bit of shopping. Mostly in Virgin Megastore and HMV, where I bought 8 DVDs and the EMI “101 80s Hits” 5 CD compilation. (Not bad set of tracks, only a few duff ones, good value though as it’s only EMI artists a bit patchy.)

Sunday, well that’s a bit of house cleaning, tidying before, in the afternoon driving up to the White Horse Hill near Uffington for a lovely walk along the ridgeway. The binoculars were useful for a bit of bird watching (no, I don’t mean young ladies nobby & Grim) and saw a hovering kestrel and a lark singing away before gliding (O.K. more parachuting) down. Oh and I had a nice 99 cornet as well. All in all a lovely afternoon.