So, have I been having a fun fortnight?

Not really.

The bank holiday weekend was spent holding the hand of our new mail system at work as I migrated everything over the Friday before (as the migration had been postponed for a week). I did manage to use the £50 John Lewis gift voucher the bloke who took my 380Z gave me and buy some nice, compact 10×25 binoculars.

Last week at work was taken up fixing teething problems.

I did have some fun, however. At the pub quiz last week a television film (or should that be video) crew turned up to film my team as Mick McCarthy had got through to the final of “The National Lottery People’s Quiz”. I also had to do a peice to camera looking enthusiastic and wishing Mick good luck. I’ll probably finish up on the digital cutting room floor as I won’t be in the audience for the final (being filmed 6th June and broadcast 24th June) and if the previous evening’s shoot is anything to go by they’ll use very little of it. The previous evening’s footage had a mere 3 seconds shown.

On Friday I met up with Grim and Holly in Reading, had a nice meal and then watched Spiderman 3. Not as good as the first two but O.K. The rest of the weekend was made up of shooping for clothes and a new pocket camera (Fuji F31fd) on Saturday and getting my GPS talking to my iBook (requiring soldering and a visit to Maplin’s) yesterday.