One of those update thingies…

So, it’s coming to the end of another weekend.

This last week has been chocked full of conferences, mostly not ones I’m attending in any other capacity other than techical support. The first two days were the graduate mini-conference where 1st and 2nd year postgrads gave talks on thier research so far. (I got free lunch). Wednesday was a day off from conferences. Thursday was the IT Support Staff Conference, which I attended as an attendee.. and another free lunch (stuffed guinee foul with fennel stuffing, vegiatbles and salad followed by summer pudding and cream). Friday morning was the 4th year undergraduates’ turn for a conference, talking about their projects. It’s surprising how exhausting listening to talks is!

Anyway, add to this socialising on Thursday evening and the annual finalists’ party on Friday night and I was shattered by the time the weekend came around.

Still, my new big zoom lens arrived on Thursday, after ordering it Tuesday evening. I didn’t get to play with it at all until Friday lunchtime and it was only yesterday that I really had a good change to try it out, even if it was restricted to around my house.

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