The return of the lens.

Well, after discovering that me repaired Sigma lens was defective I phoned up the company on Monday and they asked that I send the lens back and that they’d replace it with a copy of their latest version (which seems only different in that it has a DG designation painted upon it). So, off it went on Tuesday.

Yesterday I got a letter saything that they’d received my lens and that they’d send out the replacement when new stocks arrived. I expected that I’d have to wait a couple of weeks, but no. To my surprise a parcel arrived this morning.

Well, I do hope that this lens is actually usable. I’ll have to try it out over the weekend. Seeing that the weather looks fair, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, other than having to do all those annoying household things such as mow the jungle and wash the kitchen floor.

Well, fingers crossed anyway. Whatever happens I don’t think I’ll bother sending the lens back if it is defective. I’ll just take the loss and put it down to a bad buy. At least I did get a few reasonable shots out of the purchase which look O.K. when printed out on A4 and put on the wall.