Well, that was “interesting”…

and rather painful.

Cycling into the teeth of a gale in torrential rain. The heavy drops feeling like peas being shot at my face. Lovely.

My waterproofs did a decent job. The kept me completely dry for about three quarters of the journey and mostly dry the rest of the way. They are now gently dripping on the carpet. My sodden gloves are roasting on the radiator.

Please tell me why I cycle to work.

Polar wandering and pink panthers.

Last night was the Oxford Polar Society Christmas dinner thingy. Nowhere near as big an occasion as the previous GeolSoc one on Tuesday but the food was better. T’was fun.

Anyway, as I drove home I saw the Pink Panther car on a trailer going through Oxford. I’m sure you know the car.. it was used in the credits on the animated “The Pink Panther Show” from the late ’60s. Wierd. I wonder where it was going to.

Image of Pink Panther limosine from web site http://perso.wanadoo.fr/marc.seriau/Kinema.htm and found with Google Images.