It’s the start of the Christmas holiday again.

It was a five hour journey mostly due to lots of roadworks. There was a crash just south of the Taunton Dean services which caused about a 10 minute hold up. A land rover hauling a ground awger had hit the central reservation barrier on the other side of the road and had turned over.

Other than that it was an OK drive. There were lots of police doing speed checks though, including one between the A30 junction and Truro. They were aiming their radar gun at traffic decending a hill were it’s hard to keep your speed down. I think that it’s a little unfair to do it at that point, especially as it’s a straight, wide bit of road with no junctions and good visibility and hence isn’t a hazardous location.

A lot of the evening was spent with my Dad. I was showing him all the new imagary on Google Earth of the places we’ve lived etc. Having seen a lot of cases of hairs showing up on the pictures, it’s obvious that the new 6″ resolution imagary is from aircraft rather than satellite.

It’s so nice having wireless and net connectivity from here. It’s amazing how much you miss it when you don’t have it.