It’s Boxing Day so my Mum, who’s been watching too much telly and hence has been seeing too many sales adverts, wants to go to the sales.

So as to calm her down we went off to Truro’s retail parks to browse the shops.

My Dad got a mouse and a pair of ear phones with a microphone for use with Skype from PC World’s sale.

As we were returning along the lane near the house we passed a couple walking their dog. Normally this wouldn’t be anything of note. However, the woman in this couple was Tory Amos.

Update: I’ve just realised that I’ve mis-spelt the name of the woman, it’s actually “Tori Amos” and not “Tory Amos.”

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    • Hehe.. Well it’s better than having the inability to smell.

      Apparently, celebreties seem to like Mullion over Christmas/New year. Last year we had several of them. Then again Tory Amos lives around this area somewhere, though I’m not sure precisely where.

      • Yeah there are a number of famous folk who seem to really like Cornwall and Devon quite a bit. It is rural and pretty and all that stuff. It allows them to wander about without a great worry about people stalking them too much.

        I love it out there so much.

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