Yet more bikes…

Well, after finding the Trek L500 the other day I popped into Beeline Cycles on the Cowley Road in Oxford and asked if it would be possible to get one imported.

The initial reaction at Trek UK, the UK importer, was that there was a 90% probability if not being able to get it. Anyway, I left it at that.

This afternoon I got two phone calls from Beeline. The first told me that yes, after initialy saying no, Trek Uk had agreed that they could import an L500 from the states and that it would take about 3 weeks after the order was placed but they didn’t know the price yet. The second, only a few minutes later, told me that it would cost me £850. I said that I’d have a little think about it now that I know the price.

I think I will go for it. Later on I may even upgrade it with the Shimano Cyber Nexus parts so that it has electronically controlled suspension and gears… maybe.