And so, yet again it’s the last day of my holiday. There’s the drive back to come tomorrow.

I made the decision this morning that I’ll start the process of moving my old computers from here and up to Oxford. It should help my parents clear out their loft a little. As this first step I’m taking back my ZX81, ZX Spectrum, QL and Atari STM (plus floppy drive and software) tomorrow. That will leave behind the Atari TT, Memotech MTX500, BBC B plus various disk drives, dot matrix printer and a couple of monitors. I think that’s all of them. I’ve still yet to find the ZX Interface 1 even though I’ve found the Kempston joystick interface and the ZX Microdrive and cartridges.

I did test the ST this afternoon. A surprising number of the games floppy disks have stopped working. It seems to be mostly the newer games from Electrontic Arts such as Populous Ii and the two versions of Lemmings. The slightly older stuff such as Starglider and it sequel work fine as does the original Populous. Maybe the newer stuff was written on substandard media.

What did surprise me was how slow, jerky and primitive the games now seem. I’m sure they didn’t seem that way when I first got them. 🙂 Memory’s a wonderful thing.

Anyway, I’ve mostly packed. Just a few more things to put away in the morning before putting it in the car.