More bikes.

This is the bike I’d really like.. pity it’s only availbale in Belgium, Holland and Luxemburg.

Grrr.. I really hate it when companies don’t sell stuff in all markets even as a special order.

Bike update.

Well, on the way home I popped into CycloAnalysts and talked with the owner.

We pawed over the UK distributor for Shimano products and found out that they don’t actually stock any of the Nexus products whatsoever. Obviously, they feel that the UK customer base isn’t ready for innovative design, and they’re probably right as most people are sheep and only want what they know.

Anyway, the owner of the shop is going to enquire on an international bike shop wholesale site and will get back to me in about a week.


Hmm.. I had to put my bike in for service today. It needed to have the gear cable changed (and as it turned out) the cable slieves as well, a mighty £11.

Anyway, I think it’s about time that I replaced it as it’s now 5 years old which means that it’s done about 11 thousand miles and it’s getting a bit tired.

I’ve been looking around and the closest I can get to my ideal bike would be the following:-

I wonder how much that’ll cost?