OK, so what have I been doing recently?

Well, the weekend before last I went down to Yately and visited Rachel, Graham and Christopher. On the Saturday we travelled through the falling snow to a rain forest.. OK, it was “The Living Rainforest” attraction just outside Newbury but still, it was strange going through the snow to get there. I’m sure I’ll post one or two pictures to show it off. It was a fun day taking photos, meeting local photographers and getting a lusting for a nice pistol-grip, omnidirectional head attachment for camera tripods. Rachel wants one too.

The Sunday was quite quiet though an unexpected visit by Bob and Jos for tea was fun. Then I went home myself.

In the week I bought from Amazon Half-Life 2 and pre-ordered the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Extended Edition but then the evil one-click got me and I bought Shrek 2 as well. Oh well. 🙂

My new computer at work arrived and is nice and fast. 🙂

Friday evening was spent in the company of Grim, Holly and Matt as we met up to see The Incredibles. Here’s a quick review: Go see it! It’s brilliant. I hope there aren’t any spoilers there.

The weekend started out a bit expensively. I went to the local All Formats Computer Fair as I wanted to get a cheap webcam. Unfortunately, although my wallet was strong my will was weak and I came out with not only the cheap webcam (£12) but also a USB2 memory card reader (£19), 160GB hard disk and a graphic card (£149 for the two)!

The rest of the weekend was basically spent installing the goodies and playing Half-Life 2.

Nothing happened yesterday, really. However, tonight I’m off to the Oxford University Polar Society end of term skating and dinner (ok, pub + food). It should be fun.