Grim and Holly get married.

It’s been a rather fun but exhausting weekend.

Saturday I was up early (for a Saturday morning) for the drive up to Matfen Hall, just outside Newcastle. After a long journey, including an interesting time trying to pay for petrol after the station’s tills crashed, I got there at about 2pm.

I later met up with and went off to Hexam in search of Daffy Duck socks.. A quest we failed.

The first night’s event was a rather pleasant meal.

Sunday started with a rather nice, relaxed cooked breakfast followed by a walk around the grounds. This was followed by a quiet tea in the conservatory with alecmrss, sleipnir_ and alonella. sleipnir_ and I then wandered over to the Black Bull pub for lunch. They didn’t actually have sandwiches on the menu but instead rustled up roast beef sarnies from the roast beef dinner they were serving, and very nice they were too. They seemed a nice lot in the pub though a bit absent minded as I kept having to ask them to take money for their wares. It’s a wonder they keep in business.

By this time it was about 1pm and time for me to get ready for the main event of the day, the wedding.

It’s probably easiest to describe the rest of the day in pictures, which you can see here. However, the quick version is:-

  • Met up.
  • Had drinks.
  • Grim and Holly were wed.
  • I went elsewhere to transmit the pictures to junk
  • Photos
  • Food
  • PARTY!!!
  • Bed.

Yesterday I had another lovely cooked breakfast, talked to Grim’s parents, uncle and aunt before saying my goodbyes. It was then a very long journey home as I went via the Vindolanda Roman fort then then a journey to Carlisle and home via Ullswater and Windermere. That was a long journey, having started out at 10:30am I finally reached home at 6:45pm. I slept well last night.