Still busy.

Work’s still really busy.

I am actually making headway with migrating the users from the Sun server to the Dell/Microsoft one. It’s a pitty that Integrix/SFU’s tar barfs on files generated by Solaris tar or GNU tar and the build environment is too broken to allow GNU tar to compile. It means that I have to use cygwin to extract the user data but cygwin REALLY screws up the NT file permissions in interesting ways. I seem to have got NIS/NFS working fine with the prototype client machine when it’s running Linux.

Somehow I’ve got to find a way of making the global group policy only apply to a certain set of machines rather than all the machines in the active directory. I have until the 11th to get these software things done as well as all the hardware to configure and work out how I’m going to image the client machines (I’m thinking knoppix + dd + NFS at the moment).

Oh, on top of this I have postgrad user accounts to set up, then do their induction on the 1st. Oh, and a new professor who has needed his new machines built, two workstations and a laptop plus two printers.. none of which have been plain sailing.. Oh, and the entry system where people keep forgetting that they need to register their cards, so I’m having to stop sporadically to do those as well.

Anyway, I’m knackered. Another early night tonight.