Not a great deal happening really.

My parents went home on Tuesday morning.

Someone at work returned my old mountain bike last night.

I did my washing tonight.

At work, I’ve been moving our undergrad network from an old Solaris server to a WinServ2K+3 system with the Interix^H^H^H^H^H^H^HServices for UNIX system to do the InActive Directory to NIS conversion and NFS serving for when the undergrad PCs are running Linux (and the old Solaris box running e-mail). Some bashing of head against wall, installing Cygwin and hacking later and things are starting to come together.

(Why, Oh WHY did Interix build tcsh with the almost never used vi command line editting mode, by the way? Emacs mode is the usual default and would be far easier to use for anyone, including VI lovers.. not even mentioning Windows types.)