Weddings and things.

Well, I had a very enjoyable time yesterday at John and Katie’s wedding which took place in Christchurch College cathedral. This was dispite my cold deciding that it was going to mount a counter attack.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll like to see the pictures if for no other reason than to see the architecture.

As for the cold, it’s still clogging up my chest, causing all sorts of pops and things when I breath deeply, or indeed try to sing hymns. Not only this but my nose started running again. I’m sure it’s the exhertion caused by cycling against the wind on Friday which has re-invigorated the virual attack. If only the bus were a cheap and viable alternative to the bike, then I’d take that until I’d finially get rid of this disease.

Anyway, I spent today resting. Trying to get rid of this cough which has been exaserbated by yesterday’s celebrations.

Tomorrow evening I’m off to Reading to meet Grim, Holly and others for Grim’s pre-birthday dinner and cinema trip. I wonder if he’ll remember the laser printer he wants taken off his hands.