It’s half way through Sunday morning already. Well, actually there’s only just over an hour left. It’s dull outside and there’s nothing to enthuse about at all.

I almost forgot that the clocks went forward this morning. Well, actually, dispite remembering right up until yesterday I had forgotten. It was only when I truned on the telly at what I thought was just before 8am to watch the weather forecast that I realised my mistake.

I blame my memory wipe on a tedious evening last night trying to think of things to do or watch on telly. There was nothing on at all so relied upon VH1 for company. The 80’s no.1’s countdown was mind wiping.

So far today, then, I have listend to Broadcasting House, eaten four Sainsbury’s crussants and set all the clocks in the house to the correct timezone. My plans for the rest of the day include such exciting things as clearing up the house, washing the car and clipping the hedge at the front.

Some weekends can be extremely tedious, especially if there’s nothing much to look forward to in terms of coming social events. Other than my escape down to Cornwall for a couple of weeks starting next Saturday I have no plans for anything at all.

3 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. so get on your bike and go out for a picnic

    do a museum in oxford, lord kows there are enough

    put on boots and go visit white horse hill. if you have no boots, go clothes shopping.

    find a bookshop and pick up something interesting to read – a history of mesopotamia, perhaps, or 1001 recipes with snails

    inflate your amazon shopping basket to enormous size with interesting music

    let your imagination run riot, and then do some of it.

    for god’s sake.

    • Hmmm… :-/

      I’ve enough to keep me busy around the house, it is/was merely the weather and the lack of company which was getting me down. I’m sure you get days like that, though I guess you’re close enough to some other people that you can often mitigate these with visits for a tea and a chat.

  2. Re: I like Alec’s commments πŸ™‚

    Sounds like a good idea to come and visit.

    It’ll definitely have to be after Easter now but I’m sure we can sort stuff out. πŸ™‚

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