And so, it begins.

This morning’s been a drab, grey morning. Drizzly at times.

I popped into town to pay my credit card bill and then wandered into HMV, Virgin etc. to see what they had on offer.

Dispite Virgin having lots of DVDs in their 2 for £10 I couldn’t find two I thought worth paying £5 for. Again, there was very little on offer in HMV, other than the boxed set of Season 1 Babylon 5 at £24.99.

Now, quite often etc. will have this sort of thing even cheaper than sale prices in the shops, so I whipped out my Treo and had a browse there in the shop. Now, isn;t that high tech? It’s something Grim would be proud of. 😉

Anyway, the upshot was that HMV were still about £8 less than on the net, so I now have the DVDs.

Now, season 1 isn’t my most favourite one of Babylon 5. Indeed, I think my order of preference is 3, 4, 2, 1, 5 with 3 and 4 being almost as enjoyable. It’s just something about the way the back stories weave and the front stories being interesting also. Still, for the semi-reasonable price of £25 season 1’s a good buy.