Having cycled in, I can tell the sinus attack is still ongoing, though reduced in ferocity, as my balance isn’t fully up to snuff. Oh well. Maybe I’ll be able to shake it by the end of the day.

Attack of the mutan sinus

This weekend was supposed to include a nice social event at on of the lecturer’s houses. Unfortunately, my body decided that it wasn’t so keen.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling fine. I had a lazy morning then went shopping as usual (and picked up The Matrix: Reloaded in Sainsbury’s). I was looking forward to the social event in the evening.

Anyway, half way through watching my new DVD I started feeling pressure above the ear on the left side of my head.. the sure sign of a sinus headache coming on.

Suffice it to say that by the evening the headache had built and even popping paracetamol tablets was making very little difference. I did go to the dinner as planned but by 9pm I was feeling far too ill to carry on. It took my maximum concentration to be able to drive home and tumbled straight into bed as soon as arrived home.

Yesterday was mostly spent trying to shake the background headache. I did manage to go to Wickes DIY to buy a couple of backs of limestone chips to continue the path installation. If I continue this every week, in 10-12 weeks time the path will be complete.

I saw some telly last night from my bed.. such as “The Theory of Everything” on Channel 4. I wonder if they’re going to put forward the views of the phyicists who disagree with the strig theorists. Oh, and after that “The West Wing” on E4.

This morning I believe I might have got over the worst of the sinus attack, but I’m still not fully sure it’s gone.