Rain, rain, go away. Come back another day.

Blurgh. Horrid weather. I spent hours yesterday wandering around Oxford city centre in the rain looking for clothes. Specifically, seeing as I’m going to the Geology Society dinner on Tuesday I needed a suit which could pretend to be a dinner suit for the night but also to be a normal suit for other duties. I was also looking to see if any shops sold generic t-shirts at a resonable price.

Anyway, my SAAB umbrella did its thing and kept me dry. On the search front, it was a mixed success. I managed to find a suit. However, it was only in Moss Bros. that I could actually find any suits of my size (36-short) as other outlets such as Alders, Debenhams etc. all started their sizes at 38-regular or even 40-regular. Clothes shops obviously only cater for something like the 50 percentile of the population. However, I do now have a suit, from Moss Bros. and it cost £99.

On the t-shirt front, it was a total failure. The designer brands have won, totally. Nowhere could I find any shops selling non-designer t-shirts for exhorbitant amounts of money. What happened to the boxes of t-shirts costing about £15-£20? I think I’ll have to join the Matalan store system and look there for reasonably priced clothes. How can they charge £25 for a t-shirt when you can buy a properly tailored suit for £99?

Hmm.. it’s still gloomy and raining… I wish it would stop.