The end of one and the beginning of another.

Well, it’s the weedend, or rather the end of one.

This is the last weekend I have free until after Christmas. Next weekend I’m working moving data from one disk to a set of others.. User’s home directories and the local software.

The week after that I’m visiting the Hartlands down in Yately. And the following weekend I travel back down to Cornwall for a couple of weeks.

So, what have I been up to this weekend? Well, yesterday was merely a shopping day. I found a useful place for generic clothing at reasonable prices.. Matalan. Other than that (and the half an hour it took to get out of the car park (I really hate the John Allen Centre car park)) I didn’t get up to much. I was fighting off a building sinus headache all day, which was annoying.

Today’s been pretty productive. I’ve cleared out to a certain degree my cupboard under the stairs. Enough, at least, to modify the shelving and clear enough space for the 4 draw filing cabinet I should be getting tomorrow. I’ve also managed to replace both front and rear brake blocks on my bike, which were near total failure.

This evening I’ve been flying about on X-Plane testing the global scenery. To be honest, I was a little disappointed with this part of the program. There’s some correlation between its world and this, but it’s very slight. Definitely not enough to fully navigate by. The landmarks aren’t really up to scratch for a start. London’s rather small, with few houses and when did they install a cooling tower in Camden? Oh, and who stole Didcot power station!

It’s a pitty that the program doesn’t use a good DEM and some low-res landsat imagry, which should be reasonably cheap these days.