That was the week that was.

OK, a bit of a mega round up of a week’s events…

Monday night was filled with much merriment and hot food in Reading. Alec, Grim, Holly, Tom, Matt, Jon, Violette and myself met up in the Yellow River Cafe in the Oracle complex for a meal before going to see Matrix: Revolutions. It was a really fun evening all in aid of Holly’s birthday later in the week. I got home at about midnight but couldn’t get to sleep ’til a lot later.

As for the film itself. If you like hollywood action films and don’t mind a dodgy plot, in my opinion, you’ll love this film. If you’re hoping for a deep meaning which is what you may have thought you might get from the first film, you’ll be disappointed. It’s aimed squarely at the US box office 13-18 male demographic.. which is where the Hollywood studios believe the big money is.

Tuesday evening was spent out ont he town again. This time celebrating another birthday, Paul Freeman’s. Instead of far eastern inspired cuisine it was the more traditional curry. Good food and company was enjoyed. Home by half eleven.

The rest of the week was really just spent catching up with sleep. Happy hour on Friday was quite fun though. I was persuaded to sign myself up for the students’ geolsoc (Geology Society) pre-Christmas dinner, a week tomorrow. This does mean that I will somehow have to find a bow tie and “forget” to wear a jacket as it’s supposed to be black tie and there’s no way I’m going to splash out on a dinner jacket just for one evening.

Saturday night was spent celebrating yet another birthday. There ahve been huge number os of people having birthdays in the past week. So many that I’ve lost count. I think they must all be Valentine’s Day babies.

Anyway, the party was fun and went on ’til very early. Having taken Kat back to her college, I got home at 4am.

Yesterday I awoke at 9am surprisingly awake. Listened to Broadcasting House, where it seems Eddie Mair has been replaced. Got up at around 11am and then proceeded to await the return of my old bike from the postdoc who has been borrowing it for over a year. No phone call nor bike arrived, which meant that the day was wasted a bit as I couldn’t go out into the nice, crisp autumnal weather for a walk.

So, today, I’m back at work. I await the arrival sometime this week of the Extended Edition of the Tow Towers on DVD. I need to renew my car insurance and also need to get a new front sprocket and chain for my bike, as they have worn out after about 9000 miles in all weathers and are starting to slip teeth.

Onwards and upwards!