I can’t remember how long it’s been since I last updated this, so I’m going to assume that it was about a week ago.

I finally managed to finish building KDE 3.1.4 at work only to find that they’ve broken the logout part so the session doesn’t close properly. This is a real pain as it’s a show stopper bug as far as rolling out the update into general use.

Last Friday afternoon so silly person somewhere in north Oxford probably had the fright of his life when he cut through one of the two main power cables feeding the University’s science area and damaged the other cable. The upshot of this was that an e-mail went around warning that there MIGHT be a power failure sometime in the afternoon and to take action. OK, so, what action can you take about a possibility? You can’t shut things down ‘cos there might not be a power failure. Anyway, about half an hour after this useful e-mail the power went off. I was then told that it would be off for the whole weekend so I turned everything off at the wall and everyone went home.

Anyway, as it turns out the power came back on only about an hour after it went off, but this was long after everyone had gone home.

It’s taken me until yesterday to get things back in order. A couple of hard disks didn’t spin up after the failure. Oh well.

Last weekend I visited Graham, Rachel and little Chris. Saturday was spent wandering paths around Odium and watching signal crayfish (nasty american invaders!) fight amoungst each other for small holes under logs. Sunday was spent doing not a great deal, I think. We did try going to the little trains for Christopher but there was a fete going on so there were long queues.

Other than that I’ve not done anything, really.