Forgive me journel as it has been a week since my last whittering

OK. so, it’s been a week.

Actually, there’s been little point in updating the journal as pretty well nothing’s happened in the intervening time other than work and that’s been nothing to write home about, or even write about in a journal. Basically it’s been lots of little things which have not mounted up into anything which can be shown to have been done.

Happy Hour at work last night was the only social event. I was feeling too tired to go off to find food with the rest of them afterwards. Even so I wasn’t home ’til 9pm-ish.

Today I thought I’d treat myself to a hedonistic pleasure. Well, sometimes you have to do this sort of thing you know.. So, I went down to the cinema and watched Terminator 3. I even ate a very over priced small tub of strawberry ice cream. As you can see, I was being very wicked and totally over the top.

I’m currently sitting here on the sofa with the laptop on my, erm, lap, typing away with the light and the telly switched off, watching cotton wool clouds wander by in the dimming blue sky. All I can hear is the ticking of a clock and the very slight hiss of the hard disk drive.