The last week.

Well, what’s happened in the last week?

Well, the Grand Prix was ok, I s’pose.

My bike didn’t get its chain guard even though it has arrived and does look as if it will fit. The next attempt will be Wednesday.

The appointment to see a bootleg verson of “The Core” on thrusday didn’t happen.

Friday afternoon was the department BBQ. Well, I say department but it was really only set up by the postgrads who run the Friday “Happy Hour.” It was based at St.Edmund (Teddy) Hall boathouse on the river. It was a lovely warm and sunny day with enough of a breeze to make it very pleasant. The food was iffy but the company was good. On the whole it was a good afternoon. When I got home I realised that I’d got a little toasted in the sunshine.

Today I finally managed to wash my car and then give it a good waxing. It’s now looking nice and shiny.. well, it was until it started raining.

Over the last couple of days my big PC has been attacking me. I’ve just installed a couple of new fans and a more beefy power supply. Unfortunately, during my experiments trying to determine what the best way of cooling the case would be I managed to get one fan to slice into my left little finger knuckle and the case side slid through my hand and sliced into the side of my right-middle finger. I dunno how it did that as that part of the case isn’t really even sharp.

This afternoon at about 4pm I got a phone call from work. A pipe had burst on the top floor of the building almost directly above our main computer rooms. Let’s say that it has proved that Macintoshes are not as waterproof as their namesake coats. There is a rather soggy iMac which I think is probably drowned. Thankfully, no water went into the machine room. Still, the A0 printer which students were using to prepare for tomorrow’s mini-conference within the department is our of action as the room its in has no power. I can see some panicing happening.