*Treep* Errrgh, What’s the time?

This morning I woke up bright and early to the wailful treep of one of my smoke alarms. It was 5:30am and there was a power cut. Oh loverly!

Once I’d removed the failing battery and called Southern Electric I wandered back to bed but couldn’t really get back to sleep. Not only could I not dose properly but at 6:40 the power came on briefly waking me from the little sleep I was getting.

It wasn’t until an hour later that the power finally came back on and I could go around powering up all the computers and reseting the clocks again.

Getting ready for the weekend.

Well, this lunchtime I attempted to get all the things necessary for the weekend. Namely, pajamas (as wacky boxers, silk or not, aren’t generally available :-)) and a present for Lindsey.

Well, on the pajamas front I managed to get some in Debenhams. But, I failed to find something nice for Lindsey although I spent about an hour scouring Oxford and even getting a bit whiffy from testing perfumes. So, I settled on a £20 HMV voucher.

When I got home I tried on the new pajamas… I think Debenham’s idea of small is strange. OK, the bottoms are about the right size around the waist but are about 3 or four inches too long. The top is almost big enough to envelope two of me. Oh, and I think I may have to find a safety pin to make sure the opening at the front of the trousers stays closed.